Transformational Travel

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Love yourself on the road

I love traveling! New scenery, experiences, people and a break from the status quo. It can be a day trip, road trip, flight, camping, glamping or any other escape from home life. It recharges me and is an integral part of my personal wellness.


The thing with travel, especially now, is that we tend to take a break from our healthy routines and habits. I recently took a road trip and it shocked me to see how few people adhere to covid mitigation measures while on vacation. Just because we go to a new place, doesn't mean we won't get sick. Unfortunately, this virus is going to forever change the landscape of travel.


All covid talk aside, it's still important to maintain wellness both physical and mental into travel plans. Our bodies and minds aren't something that we can take a break from caring about because we're in a new place with a new routine. I'm not saying that your self-care and fitness have to look like they do at home, but look for ways to integrate it in a fun way! Go on a hike, ride a bike, mountain trek, walk on the beach or city streets, meditate in the park, make a homemade face mask with local ingredients you don't normally have access to, go to local restaurants that advertise using indigenous foods, write in a travel journal, attend a spiritual gathering or ritual, you get the point. Make incorporating wellness a part of the journey. 

If you have a trip coming up and would like to discuss ways to incorporate wellness or make your trip transformational, send me an email! Traveling with intention can have a huge impact on your life!

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