Lessons From Quarantine


I have had a lot of things going on in my personal life during quarantine that could very easily send me spiralling down. For the first time in my life I allowed myself to come apart, on my terms. I didn’t try to suppress my feelings. I sat with them and felt them, REALLY felt them without shame...and then I let them go. I could’ve very easily let them turn me into an emotional mess which would have negative effects on me both physically and mentally, but I chose to acknowledge, sit with and let that shit go. I’d like to think Rage yoga had something to do with that. Rage doesn’t always have to look like anger.

One definition of rage is, intense feeling: passion. Intense feelings, no matter what feeling that is, needs to be acknowledged and felt. I have personally spent so much of my past energy on hiding how I feel so as not to appear vulnerable. I wanted the appearance of being in control, but honestly not being vulnerable to my feelings made me a fucking mess. During this time of solitude and fewer distractions, I challenge you to discover your feelings. Why do you have intense feelings or illogical reactions to certain things? Why do you feel stress or anxiety? Find the root of any physical manifestations and sit with it. FEEL it without judgement or shame or fear. Come apart if you need to. It’s ok! Be vulnerable! A lot of power comes from vulnerability. Once you have reached the boundaries of that feeling, let that shit go.

- Certified Rage Yoga Badass Instructor, Mandy Jolley

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