Do No Harm, Take No Shit

A core philosophy of rage yoga is:

“Do no harm, take no shit”

Do no harm to fellow humans, animals or our planet, and stand up for what you believe in! Don’t accept injustice or hate just because it’s easier. Find comfort in the discomfort of taking no shit!

Use your voice and speak up, ask questions, listen, offer to help, protest, care, embrace the differences of others, but above all else LOVE every living thing!

Yoga is not only about the physical practice, or asana. Yoga is comprised of eight limbs, with asana only being one of those limbs. The Rage Yoga philosophy of "Do no harm, take no shit" falls under the limb of yoga called Yama. There are five Yamas and they are the ethical standards to which one should conduct themselves. "Do no harm, take no shit" is an example of ahimsa. In Sanskrit, "a" means "not" and "himsa" means "doing violence or harming", so ahimsa is non-violence. At our true nature we are loving and peaceful beings, so ahimsa is an awareness of our intrinsic self that does not wish harm on any living being.

You can’t be a badass if you’re filled with hate or fear! Badassery requires you to lift up others, be brave in your convictions and not listen to the naysayers.

I love you, my badass peace warriors.

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